About Undergraduate Program

What is Chemistry ?
Chemistry is the science that studies the structure, properties and transformations of substances and materials as different as living cells and subatomic particles.
The research carried out by chemists is essentially basic in nature and aims to understanding the world we live either in areas related to biology and biochemistry, where our current knowledge of the molecules structure allows the interpretation of operating mode and interaction with the through the fence, as well as in certain fields of geology, astronomy, physics and engineering.
However, research in chemistry can also be directed to practical applications, providing the company with a broad spectrum of products which enable the development of the economy and improving the quality of life.
In this context, it is almost certain that certain stages of manufacture of new products introduced in the market have the participation and the creative efforts of chemists.  
Why to study at the IQ-USP?
The building of Institute of Chemistry - USP (IQ-USP) covers an area of ​​35.000m2 in the Campus, has modern laboratories for teaching and research, one Analytical Center which provides facilities to the scientific community and private companies and also the best Chemical library in South America. The faculties are leading researchers that develop studies in subjects such as design and synthesis of new materials, mechanisms of chemical transformations, environmental chemistry, nanotechnology, biochemistry, molecular biology, biotechnology, genomics, and teaching of Chemistry and Biochemistry. The IQ- USP is a national reference in Undergraduate courses in chemistry and offers full time and evening courses (total of 120 students; 60 in each period).
The IQ-USP undergraduate students have a wide range of opportunities to conduct undergraduate research internships in research laboratories. These trainings are part of the education program of courses and many of them have financial support (scholarships) from financial agencies like FAPESP and CNPq. 
As chemistry is the basis of a large number of industries (many of them located in São Paulo) not surprising many of our students can get positions as soon as they graduate. In this sense, the IQ-USP has agreements with hundreds of companies and chemical industries, which recruit students for internships and eventually hiring them. We also have dozens of agreements with schools and our students are constantly required to act in these schools as trainees and teachers. The combination of theoretical and practical work undertaken in an institution where the constant evolution of knowledge is a priority goal, provides the student with a comprehensive and highly competitive training for the labor market. The full university education requires besides the appropriation of inherent aim of the course content, a university experience that sports, academic and cultural activities are also part of the day-to-day student. 
In the IQ-USP this possibility is widely practiced by our students in Students Association Center Heinrich Rheinboldt (CA) and the Academic Athletic Association Ana Rosa Kucinski (AAAARK).
Instituto de Química da Universidade de São Paulo 
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