Interunities Program

The Institute of Chemistry hosts Graduate Internutities Program in Bioinformatics and Teaching in Sciences. 
Internunities Program in Bioinformatics

Master's programs and PhD in Bioinformatics Inter USP aim to meet the needs of students at the graduate level that develop research dealing with biological and computational data in various fields.

The program is aimed at training human resources of excellence that can work with research, development and innovation. In addition to the IQ, the program consists of many of the major units of research in biology and computer science at USP, covering areas such as study of the genome, transcriptome, 
proteome, metabolome, structural biology, systems biology, among others.
Graduate Program in Bioinformatics [Link]


Internunities Program in Sciences Teaching
The main objective of the Program is the production of knowledge in science education focusing, in particular, the physics, chemistry and biology. 
Also seeks the formation of high quality human resources for research at the interfaces of various areas (physics, chemistry, and biology) with teachings.
Internunities Program in Sciences Teaching [Link]