Join the Graduate Program in Chemistry or Biochemistry at the Institute of Chemistry/USP and enjoy the opportunity to study at Ohio State University.
How it works?
- PhD candidates will take 4 semesters at IQ-USP and 4 semesters at the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at OSU. The students will take courses and take a qualification exam at both institutions.
-PhD diploma will be awarded from each institution once all respective degree requirements have been satisfactorily completed.
Number of participants?
-5 PhD candidates from IQ-USP will be selected per year, starting in 2021.
-The costs associated with a graduate student's commitments at OSU, including tuition, fees and living expenses, will be covered by the host institution. The support will be in the form of designation of Graduate Research Associate (GRA) or Graduate Teaching Associate (GTA), therefore, the graduate student of IQ will be involved in teaching activities at OSU.
Research topics and guidelines?
OSU's research lines can be found at:
How to apply?
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