About Institute of Chemistry - University of Sao Paulo

USP's Institute of Chemistry (IQ) is dedicated to research, teaching and the dissemination of chemistry and biochemistry, central sciences in the 21st century. Its discoveries have contributed to the fight against diseases, to a healthier environment, and to the development of new materials, among countless other applications.
IQ stands out in Brazil as one of the best institutes dedicated to science and the teaching of chemistry and biochemistry. Ranked in its area as number 1 in Brazil in the RUF (Ranking Universitário Folha), it is also number 1 in South America in the QS World University by Subject Ranking.
We operate in undergraduate education, offering 6 types of bachelor's and bachelor's degrees, as well as graduate education, with Master and Doctorate courses in chemistry and biochemistry (both grade 7 CAPES). We also offer the Professional Master in Chemical and Biochemical Technology. We are responsible for teaching chemistry and biochemistry to several other USP colleges in the city of São Paulo.


IQ produces cutting edge science in a large number of branches of chemistry and biochemistry, with a multidisciplinary approach and an emphasis on excellence and the highest scientific standards. Our lines of research range from understanding elementary diatomic interactions to molecular studies of complex systems in vivo, including teaching and history of science.
IQ has adequate infrastructure so that teaching and research conditions are excellent, with the latest techniques and laboratories. In addition, we offer a series of support services, organized with a high standard of public management.
Our community is composed of approximately 120 professors, 240 non-teaching staff, 600 undergraduate students, 400 graduate students and more than 100 post-doctoral students.
If you are graduating from high school and are interested in chemistry or biochemistry, visit our Undergraduate page.
If you are interested in graduate studies, visit our Graduate page.
Our Opportunities page lists other ways to join the IQ community.