Department of Biochemistry

Research at the Department of Biochemistry is focused at better understanding the molecular workings of life. Complex biological processes are investigated using multidisciplinary approaches that combine chemistry, biology, physics, mathematics and computing. The lines of research of the Department encompass cell signaling, gene expression, molecular microbiology, structural biology, enzymology, neuroscience, biological membranes, bioinformatics, genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics and Biochemistry Education. Diseases like cancer, diabetes and obesity as well as diseases caused by tropical parasites and bacteria are important areas of study. The Department is home to the Redox Processes in Biomedicine Research Center (CEPID Redoxoma), a multi-disciplinary network of researchers focused on the investigation of redox processes in biological systems. The Department also hosts the Computational Biology and Genomics Research Center (NUBIC).

The 42 faculty members of the Department of Biochemistry are nationally and internationally recognized for excellence in both teaching and research in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Over the past 45 years, the Department's groups have attracted funding from national and international sources that ensured the consolidation of an impressive research infrastructure. Several members of the Department of Biochemistry have received major national scientific recognition awards, establishing a tradition of academic excellence.

The Department receives graduate students, post-doctoral researchers and visiting researchers from countries around the world, creating a rich multinational and multicultural atmosphere in its hallways and laboratories. The Graduate Program in Biochemistry, which currently has 140 enrolled students and consistently ranks among the best in the country, provides education and advanced training to prepare students for an independent career in research and teaching. The Department also has a strong postdoctoral program, which currently hosts 50 young scientists from all regions of Brazil and abroad. The participation of undergraduate students in the research activities of the department is highly encouraged and very important for the success of our research programs. Over the years, graduates from the Department have distinguished themselves as scientists and teachers in Brazil´s top institutions for higher education as well as in foreign universities and biotech companies.

The Department of Biochemistry participates actively in the management of the undergraduate Chemistry Program whose curriculum offers students the possibility of obtaining a specialization in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. This specialization includes advanced courses in the areas of enzymology, structural biology, gene expression, signal transduction, bioinformatics, biological redox processes and advanced laboratory techniques and provides the opportunity for internships in our research laboratories.

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