Actions of the IQ in the USP Programs

The IQ-USP offers diffusion and refresher courses of up to 40 hours to undergraduate and graduate students. They are offered annually and deal with Biochemistry, Green Chemistry, Electrochemistry, Colloids, Spectroscopy and Chemistry Teaching.

Serve approximately 400 people/year, including students of elementary school, undergraduate, graduate and teachers of fundamental schools.

1. Winter Course - Advanced Topics of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (25 students, annual since 2006).

2. Summer Course in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (40 students, annual since 1999 ).

3. Students in Science (150 students, annual since 2008).

4. School of Electrochemistry (30 students, annual since 2006).

5. Open Laboratory (since 1991). It includes diffusion and refresher courses and activities such as the Chemistry Thematic Workshops, in which students and teachers conduct research and evaluate experiments. Know more.